Folk Yeah is a Good Place to Start

The Fernwood campground in Big Sur was one of nature's best designs for a music venue. Up and down the grand wooden staircase between the music tavern and the rambling campground loop. Across the bridge to Bart's cabin after friday night's music set was where I went until the early morning hours....Rubies, Bart Davenport, the Court & Spark and other friends were the soundtrack for Friday night's campfire, (Albino) Redwood trees, bright green mossy rocks, hidden chanterelles, Blue jays, smoke clouds, crackling fires and inside at the Fernwood lodge. Saturday morning was slow, but as soon as bacon hit the grill I was fired up and ready for a nature adventure vision quest with my Santa Barbara medley of friends and other Rubies. An afternoon leg of musical acts started up around 3pm with bro's and sis's like Birds of America, Paula Frazer, Vetiver, Jenny Lewis, and others...The night went on..up and down stairs, at big camp site #5 tucked into the woods. Frisbee throwing, panini grilling, walks, little talks, groups of 3, groups of 20, smokey sun beams, running river sounds...all this until the eye lids got heavy with huge power Z's. Sunday's no-schedule departure made for some relaxed catching up with passerbys. Onwards southbound with a drop in at Pfieffer state beach with strong winds and crazy beauty. Back to SB. Still in Big Sur.

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