Moving Onwards

Hello friends,

A little news on my show in San Francisco:

My current show at Mollusk is coming down this week. Mollusk is a unique gallery space that has turned into an culty corner of contemporary art by Californian artists, carving a sweet niche in the art world. Other artists involved with Mollusk are Geoff McFetridge, Thomas Campbell, Alex Kopps, Kyle Field, and Nathaniel Russell. There are two more Mollusk locations, one in Brooklyn and another in Los Angeles.

The opening in April was such a fantastical evening (live performance by Rubies, and hors d'oeuvres by Miel) ... and now it's time for the work to move on to the next space... where will that be? It wants to travel and has long white wings, so if you have any ideas please be in touch. I tend to book a live act and make the opening a 'happening' not to be forgotten. Let's do this. I want to.

If you haven't had a chance to see it, the gallery has the exhibition online. Find the "line" that horizontally connects them all. Get horizontal and click on the 'art' link HERE .

Every piece is from a new series taken within the last year on my Rolleiflex, and the frames were designed and built by Adrian from wood salvaged from my childhood home in Santa Barbara.

I would love to hear any feedback or comments you might have...



flying said...

bonjour danielle,
moi j'ai une idée ...
j'ai un surf shop un peu alternatif et qui fait aussi office de galerie dans le nord de l'espagne, nous en sommes à notre 5ème vernissage, et je suis en train de préparer un show pour juillet et août avec un artiste français, une photographe anglaise, et jair bortoleto du brésil.
serais-tu intéressée par le plus grand des hasards ?
take care,

floriancarlo at gmail dot com

rubidentzel said...

Looks like this show is moving to Marfa in October now... and maybe Paris?