Jerome C. Rousseau

A few years ago Jerome was living in my hometown (Santa Barbara, California) for a while, working for a large footwear design firm. It was during this chapter that I met Jerome, and he was definitely not the tan surfer bro that I was used to seeing around this part of California. He was an instant 'it' boy in town and everyone wanted to know who he was. He was the big city boy exuding international charisma and I was instantly sure that he would be an inspiring friend for years to come.

Jerome grew up in the french speaking region of Canada, lived in London for many years during and after his student life at Cordwainers College (while bouncing around with London's music scene), and then eventually moved to California. After tons and tons of hard work, working with a variety of footwear designers, his time had finally come and he launched his own collection in 2008.

He has a keen sense of how to design shoes that look incredible on a woman's foot, and possesses a sky's worth of natural talent. He get's it. We are so lucky. Jerome is an artist with a unique vision. Between his elegant choice of materials and colors and his eye for modern shapes, his work is powerful yet sensitive - similar to a lot of women I know who care about art and music and wear his shoes.

Jerome C. Rousseau online

During Paris's recent fashion week I spanned time with JCR at his showroom. Here's a peek at his Spring 2011 collection:


CrayFiSH said...

first two pairs are jsut owesome!
thanks for sharing the pics


Kamma Claire said...

Oh my god those sparkly shoes are amazing!