Mollusk's First Show in Europe

Here are some photos from the opening night of the " West Coast Pop Art Experimental Group" show I organized: 
Kyle Field
Nat Russell
Orion Sheperd

Alex Kopps

Johanna St. Clair
My sister, Simone Rubi, played a magical set of music along with Adrian on bass and Ludwig Dahlberg on drums. In the background there was a video of the coastline shot by Simone on the road between Santa Barbara and Malibu. The projector's light mimicked the sun behind the screen. Epic.

Simone, Ludwig and Adrian taking us on a magical carpet ride

Nat Russell
Jeff Canham
Alberto Cuadros
(left to right) D. Rubi, Rachel Corry, Rachel Kaye
David & Cheri, Hannes Hetta, Mary Rozzi, Hélène Sevaux and other buds

Show curated by John McCambridge, founder of Mollusk Surf Shop and Gallery.

The show will be up at OFR Galerie until June 19th.

For titles, prices, and press release go here

For purchasing work, contact OFR Galerie here


CDC said...

Danielle, you and your sister are so drop dread beautiful. there's such an essence that emanates from you both, even through photos. The night looks like it was a hit, wish I could've been there! xo

drager said...

goood times! keep bringing the west coast sun. "somebody's crying" has been in my head since btw.