Beaches of the Algarve and Granada. YEAH!

Road tripped to several beaches near Piadad and had a picnic at Dona Ana. WOW. what a beach. Was fun/funny to take long walks amoung fully nude beach goers. What a different culture.
Im making this entry short, cos Im actually in paris and Im extremely tired from very rich days. To continue...we then went to visit AV in Granada. What a whirlwind. Drove through Seville and over to Granada, an amazing city underneath the Sierra Nevada mountains. Enjoyed lots of interesting bridges and tapas stops along the way. Even truch stops have great tapas. AV had an awesome schedule lined up for us. Just caught sunset over the city near the Alhambra and had a dose of tapas. Wow, free tapas with every drink. so nice. Lots of amazing Spanish treats and talks and walks. AV, you rule the school! Such an amazing host. Gots lots of bits of architectural history and fun chabot style slumber party antics. Next morning - CHOCOLATE AND CHURROS. delish.

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