Countryside absence

We have been in various countryside towns and have been 'offline' for real. Its been glorious. The Paris chapter was full of magical moments. Went to corner restaurants every night, met up with Erwan Bouroullec's design studio and saw how they move through concept to creation. Great vibes for such a successful studio. Stayed in Mary's/Feisty flat which felt like home away from home. We hit up Ireland after paris and went to Deirdre's wedding in Bantry (county Cork) and drove through Country Claire before flying out to Switzerland. We are now in Grindelwald and are about to take a gondola up the mountain to hike down, back into town just in time for the summer 'Strassefest' where the cows come through the main thoroughfare adorned with flowers and bells. Then lots of wurst on the sidewalk grills and some swissie/euro soundtrack at the local discotecque. yeah! will post more pics later... must get outside and up the mountain!!

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