Well Ported

Here's a fun mix of images for you. We have our port tasting sesh, an anise sugar crystal drink, Thomas challenging a snake found during our off-road golf cart escapade along with food and other imagery. Considering we have more than a year before our wedding, we sort of thought that it would be ok to indulge a bit on this trip. oh, and did we. We ate a lot of fancy lunches that involved fancy meats. A salad with duck and steak with potatoes and other frenchy salad ingredients (the best salad Adrian has ever had says he), and veal with mushroom sauce and noodles. Sort of something you see in different varieties all over Europe (like geschnetzletes in Grindelwald, CH). Speaking of spare tires, we spotted a lot of mini's around Paris that had a boat bumper tied up to it for parallel parking safetly. Such a good idea! San Francisco should catch on to that one big time.
The Mantle photo. This photo was taken at Karim/Claire's flat. I love this still life. Here you can see a portrait taken by Karim's father (or was it Grandfather?) of Simone de Beauvoir along with another photograph of a landscape (was this in Egypt?) and objects that speak of Karim and Claire.
Lastly, there is Adrian sitting next to a huge photograph taken by one of Karim's sister's clients. This was shot for a Valentino ad I believe. Claire was assisting on this (and helped put together the massive chandelier) as was thus given a copy of the print for her laborous efforts.

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