New Chapter in Old Mexico / Recording Studio

Adrian is getting ready to head down to the house in Mexico to build a recording studio. They plan to be down there until early December, then back again for a new year's holiday. It started as Erlend's idea after spending many hours at the house working on his music with his bandmates. Now it's turned into a huge project that will become a studio with hopefully, a long life. Lots of research and doodling around here. Mark and Adrian will drive down on Friday. To Arizona, then down to the house... It will take them 3 days or so. Lots of interesting design challenges to tackle. Because the studio is on the beach in a tropical climate, there will various dehumidifying issues. The design will also be influenced by the climate in terms of materials and acoustics. Lots of fun mind buckling and ideas floating around the cabana during the major count down to the grand departure... Casa Rincon, here they come! To enlarge the image, just click on it.

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nathaniel russell said...

can i pull an overdub while sitting on the throne or what?