Ping Pong and laughs at Casa Rincon Last March

I found a video clip that reveals a bit of magic and fun at Casa Rincon. Friends in pockets of different coves throughout the house and a view of the beach and back again. Simone left today at 6am and has arrived by now. The WBA boys are off to Mexico City this weekend to play a music festival there. Then I head down on Monday. ...Until then I'm working in LA during fashion week's 'market' on Saturday and will be saturated in fashionista craziness and buzzing ladies. I'll be representing , where I photograph clothes, help come up with fun fashion related ideas as well as assist in new designer choices, etc. I mean hey, I like good clothing design. It will be a total switch when I get down to me-hi-co-co. Can't wait.

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luluiswho said...

oh the sadness... that looks like paradiso.