Had a lovely last few days in Bergen with el joker Erlend and his mom, Kjersti, Øystein, Eirik, Frei and Ina. The crew! Visited a ceramicist outside of Bergen where little goats and large Norwegian horses hang out. Some beautiful hand made ceramics were obtained by all. Had a glorious dinner at Eirik/Ina's and made homemade egg pasta ravioli with a filling made with carrots, shallots, red peppers, nutmeg, herbs and parm-regg. After which we made a salad with lacey greens and a blueberry vinaigrette with fresh blueberries and toasted nuts. They were so delighted to be eating some Cali creations and it was nice for me to have a solid night of cooking with friends while on the road.

Davide took us iceskating. It felt crazy to feel the 10 year old self come back, since it's been since back then since I've tried it. Wobbly ankles turned into skating feet after 10 laps or so. It was awesome.

We had a nice transition to Sweden when Andreas took us to his parents house in the country (just outside Stockholm) after having some insane swedish meatballs for dinner in the city at Pelikan. oh dang. We hung out late with his parents having cocktails followed by an intense Sauna experience.

Speaking of which, I just came out of the sauna with Simone and Terri. Did some hydrotherapy by dunking in the cold pool several times. yes!!! We are here in Linkoping (we were in Gothenburg last night) and will head to the venue shortly. Tonight will be fun as Andreas is joining in with Karl-Jonas's band, Blood Music. The big Swede gang in full effect tonight.

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