Settling into Paris

Been here for over a week now and feel at home. Been walking the streets like mad, every day, looking for my new favorites. Found a few. There is a large covered market nearby, Marche St. Quentin, and another, Marche St. Martin. These farmer's markets are open 6 days a week and have stands selling fresh produce, artisanal cheeses, pates, rillettes, butchers, seafood sellers (including tanks with crates of oysters), bakers, and the odd tailor and shoe repair. The flat is near the canal St. Martin, which is the perfect spot for strolling and breathing while taking it all in.

The other night we got lost on purpose and discovered a tiny bar called "cinquante" (50). Its on 50 rue du Lancry and has a special something. We went into what we thought was the tiniest bar, to discover that it actually opened up in the back to be a long narrow bar that feels like you are in your long lost french Grandfather's livingroom. Lots of old postcards and family photos jumbling up the walls and an old piano (with candle holders on hinges) with little odds and ends scattered about. The owner, Patrick, looks like an old sailor and welcomed us to the neighborhood. Nice.

One of the new pals through the Casa Rincon in Mexico swirl, Ed, lives here. He took us to a party the other night where wonderful photographer, Mark Borthwick, cooked risotto Milanese for everyone and sang songs along with Ami Sioux. It felt like a french version of one of our interesting slice of CA vibes in Paris.

The photo at the top was taken yesterday from the balcony of the flat. Those windows make great movies. The ceilings in Paris have beautiful detailing. Ours has things like oak leaves and cornucopias of fruit.

There are also bums in Paris sleeping on benches that look like little smurfs.

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Adrienne said...

So glad to see that you're settling in nicely... still thinking about traveling, but the method may have changed - Seamus has started looking for a sailboat that can fit us and the dogs. Ha! Always planning new adventures... By the way, Gina gave her notice last week, so we're all finally free! Drop me an email at - I'd love to hear from you!