The Road to Noyers

The hairdresser in Noyers-sur-Serein, a medieval village in France
Trip on the coiffure posters that peek through 600 year old windows

I'm slowly finding inspiration while spending 10 days in a tiny village here in the Burgundy region of France. When I arrived I had no car, knew no one, and had no plans. Now I've met Madame Mignot around the corner who sells vegetables, eggs, and walnut oil from her backyard. I've met the young chef who is giving Adrian a ride tomorrow in his truck to buy some walnut wood and also have an invitation to try homemade Burgundy liquor tomorrow before lunch.  A butcher, a bakery, an art museum, a Wednesday market, 2 restaurants, one wine seller - take a walk with an open heart and get all that you need. Small town style. A necessary life exercise when living in a dense city full of complication and decoding.

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Camilou said...

ahhhhh, it's felt a huge breath of fresh air just reading this post. exquisite!