New Psyche

I made these today while trying to get into some photo work flow. oops.
Feel free to get crazy and download them. I made them for you.

I was kidnapped by the rave culture in 1992-1994 and spent many a night dancing
all night long while forgetting about the 80's. It was perfect timing for the ultimate escape.

In a conversation during my recent birthday party, my friend Marco told me all about his
experience as a science nerd in the 90's who got swept up in Montreal's rave scene. It was awesome.

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Camilou said...

oooooh j'adore! it's strange, i watched my twin dive right into the rave scene, and although we have always been very close, i just stood on the sidelines and watched - heard all the stories, went to some clubs that played rave music, etc., but never once went to a rave. but the designs here seem apt and i'll let myself imagine all kinds of rave stories through them! :)