During the week, Adrian and Mark have been tending to the studio, on the weekends we CHILL. The workers on hire have been moving fast, and have been doing beautiful work. All the fans are up, the walls done, the electrical outlets in place, and the glass bricks have been laid. It was so satifying to watch the last one go in...we clapped and whistled for Bernard.

They poured the concrete floor in the control room today, and tomorrow they will poor the floor in the band room. After the floors are set, they will burn and polish them. The result will be a rich dark charcoal color. These photos are from the in between moments. During the weekends, the Whitest Boy Alive boyz have been playing various shows and festivals around Mexico. The goal is to have the studio ready by Thanksgiving, so the WBA can record their second record in the brand new studio digs. So far - we are on track!

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