Report from Adrian #2

We're seeing some striking progress now in The Glass Cube. The walls have a beautiful, smooth layer of plaster, the "banco" (built-in sofa-bench) is fully formed, the floors are floating. The glass brick window is in; I can hardly believe the precision, less than a quarter inch of mortar between bricks. The deep reveals are doing their thing. Alberto, the electrician, has put the fans up and installed the no-noise dimmers that Danielle brought from the US. Also worth mentioning that danielle saved me from buying some hideous fans and instead we have some cream colored tropicalia ventiladoras. Mark and I are starting to enjoy some more carpentry. We hung a window and a door today and checked in with Donato, the carpenter who is making us the "puertas gruesas" (fat doors) and a big, small-paned window. We'll get a drawing up of the window soon.

Still managing to get some sunrise waves and sunsets too when not overly busy. Seeing the tail end of a heaving overhead swell. Late season? Early season? I don't know, haven't checked a surf forecast site in over a month. Here, it's called looking out the window. (For the snerds out there, I'm elated daily by my 6' 10" and 7'10" Duncan/Wilderness Stubbies.)

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gleam the cube!
squeeze the toob!
adopt me, senor mustache.