family portraits

I wouldn't normally feel the impulse to publish a portrait of myself on my foto-journal, but Adrian took a nice portrait of me that reminds me a lot of the photographs taken of my Grandmother by Genthe. I've also included a shot of Adrian and one of Simone's hand.
We are off to Guadalajara today for two events. One is the big opening party of the Contemporary Art Musuem, and the other is to see the Whitest Boy Alive play. They were asked to play the opening as well, but they can't do two shows in one night. It's such a small world out there, because my one art contact from Mexico City (Jose Garcia, Proyectos Monclova Gallery, Celeste Magazine ed-n-chief) will be there and is travelling with Erlend's friend. We have been in touch because I'm looking for a gallery in Mexico that could potentially house the work that comes from Casa Rincon's creative forces (artist's in residence). I think something incredible will happen over time with this creative space.

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