beach days

Here is Jerome with his bird, Malibu. I took this a while ago while at Rincon. I love spanning time at the beach. the sand. the different blues in the ocean and the sky. silliness. dolphin. rocks with tiny perfect holes. design in nature. new and old friends. YES.

Garden Buddies

This time of year there are a ton of baby blue belly lizards. This one became Adrian's garden buddy for the afternoon when he crawled onto his finger and didn't let go. Adrian watered the garden while little lizard buddy chilled on his finger. He tried to let him go, but the dude wouldn't crawl away. I guess he liked the warmth of Adrian's hand. Cute little cold blooded friends. They help control the ant parades in the garden as well as make us laugh when they jump from stone to stone all free style. Oh, and the push ups too! Why do lizards do push ups? When lizards want to communicate, they don't sing or call. Instead, they do push-ups.

A little on the subject I found online:

...Much as birds chirp their threats and come-ons and commentaries, lizards in the western United States communicate through little flex fests. Both male and female lizards rise off their bellies and bob up and down...They're incredibly complex. Depending on the details, a set of push-ups may indicate something like "Get your presumptuous rear off my rock this instant" or "Be mine, you gorgeous creature."

Giving a quick lesson in how to speak basic push-up, scientists explains the fundamental conversation topics: wooing, warring, and arriving at a really great rock. If you're a male and want to convey romantic intentions, do five to nine pushups in a hurry and keep your scary blue belly patch from showing.

So there you have it. Lizards are neat.

Champagne Gelatin

This is what dessert looks like at a new London restaurant, Trinity, near the Clapham tube. Lots of 'foams' and things. And champagne gelatin cubes too. At first I didn't like the idea of eating foam as sauce, but this restaurant provided one of the best dinner's I've ever had. It was for Chelsea's birthday no less.

Funny Farm

Last Saturday we had an engagement party in the form of a dinner on the UC Santa Cruz farm. The children went running off to pull carrots from the ground, get naked, and wrastle. The Adults ate cheese, drank wine and sampled some local produce and other small dishes prepared by the team at Outsanding in the Field (thanks!). Adventures of fallen trees and long windy roads came after - and ended around the camp fire with the Trevor homemade kettle corn. yes. Cirle of Radness 4 ever. TLA.