When in Milan recently I met a talented group of warm folk who all seem to revolve around furniture design and art. One dude in particular whose sense of humor and sensibility was somehow familiar and comforting to be around ( especially coming from Paris where the good humor realm is sort of tweaked), was Jakub Zak. I am stunned by his work. It's industrial design meets art and craft in all the right places.
He recently teamed up with his long time buddy and gallerist, Nicolas Bellavance-Lecompte, to launch the first collection from their new studio called Oeuffice.

Caramels and Wood Pendants

I had a super lovely time participating in the Jack's Jumble Sale event at Candelaria in Paris. I made caramels and organic sandwich cookies. Adrian designed and crafted beautiful wooden pendant necklaces. To see some snaps of the event cruise over to my sister site, The Trail of Crumbs, to read more.
My pain d'epices caramels lined up to get wrapped up for the big day

Too Good

I finally found a shoe company that has beautifully constructed shoes in traditional styles that are both a  little bit elven and also American old school. So much goodness it's kind of hard to take. The company is called Yuketen and "...Since 1985, designer Yuki Matsuda has paid homage to the American crafts and traditions by treasure hunting for outstanding examples of footwear and luggage in remote locales spread out across the rolling Appalachians to the high Sierras."

Check it.

Fall into Spring

I love both the watery and bold patterns of the Issey Miyake Spring 2012 collection. I feel that I should gather a crew of ladies up and then douse ourselves in these fabrics, socks and skin coverings and have a dance party in a field of spring blossoms somewhere magical next year.


Look book photos shot by Estelle Hanania

Love Sculpture

This year for my birthday, Adrian made me a sculpture. It's a portrait of the two of us. I melted. We are connected via a crystal form representing a million things. Can you tell who is who?

This piece was made using Padauk and Mahogony wood, Acrylic and leather cords.