Hi-Res photos for Press & Press Release / INVISIBLE THREAD

Here is the press release for my show at Mollusk...and here are a few hi-res images for now (printable up to just 4"x4" or so).

Email me for any other info or if you just want to say that you are coming and can't wait.


NEW BLOG / Art & Projects

I have a new blog. It's my art & projects blog. For now, this blogspot blog will stay active and feed into the new one to sort of temper the blog stew. Please email me feedback as to which one you prefer during this testing-the-waters phase.

This blogspot one has an extensive archive and I will keep it online, but I'm pretty stoked on my new blog so check it out. I will make it easy for you. blog blog blog. blog.

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My Next Show | COME!

Some words:

In her current show, Invisible Thread, Rubi confronts the variety of her cast of subjects head on through the imposition of technical and compositional parameters. The criteria are simple: all images in the group were shot on her favorite camera, a 1950, square format Rolleiflex and are all printed the same size; also, every image contains a strong horizontal line across the frame. Displayed, the images are justified according to their individual horizon line, rather than the top, bottom, or center of the frame The effect of these parameters simplifies and connects a seemingly disparate group of images, in effort to show their common provenance: Rubi's eye. Another notion that emerged from this specific undertaking is the significance of horizons in the way we process, regard, and experience the world. It is how we arrange our written language, it is how we show chronologies, it is what happens when two arms reach for each other, it is what infinity looks like.

Show opening is April 25th , 7-10pm , Mollusk SF (Rubies peforming , Miel cooking)