In Bergen

Enjoying some time with friends in Bergen for a few days. Eirik had us over the first night we were here and made trout with chevre, brown rice, and beautiful veggies, along with vanilla ice cream with baked berries. hmmmm. Last night 'Rubies' played in a cave! Its a venue across the street from Kjersti's house (Erlend's mom) who hosted a dinner party before the show. We are about to go ice skating which I haven't done in years and years.

After Bergen we will hang in Sweden for some shows and Stockholm design vibes to get inspired for what is to come in Paris. The apprenticeship that Adrian will have with a prototyper/craftsman who works directly with our favorite young Euro designers, Erwan and Ronan Bouroullec is around the corner - our main Spring chapter. Check their minimal yet warm and graceful work here.

Pre-Paris rendezvous to Marfa

Before bolting off to Paris, we did a 5 day phase 1 fix-up session on our new house in Marfa. Check out the labor intensive efforts behind ripping out layers of old carpeting and linoleum. We packed the truck to the gills with a free bed, storage unit delights, wool shag area rugs my mother made in the 70's, a few danish cabinets my Grandmother purchased on one her trips to Scandinavia in the 50's, and pieces of furniture from here and there. We set up a wood station with local lumber in front of the house and built a work table for the art studio, a coffee table, and lots of doodles.

New York Moments

New York Opening - Super

Here are a few shots from the New York experience. I am about to drive to Marfa to get the house ready for our first Artist in Residence, Nat Russell. Go Go Go. I will post more magic from New York next week upon my return from the never ending journey.