Extraordinary Places

We went on an afternoon drive out into the dry golden plains that surround Marfa, TX and found this oasis. There is a small natural spring that feeds into this pond as well as a water silo that sits next to it. We helped my sister , Simone, climb up the ladder on the side of the silo and took some warrior princess style portraits. When I feel restless, going on a long drive outside a city and into a natural setting is the best.

If I were to release an album, this would be the cover.

If you would like this photograph, you can acquire it here. It was taken on a medium-format Rolleiflex camera from the 1940's.


I love this portrait.

She is shy and tough.

I came across it when viewing portraits taken with the same Rolleiflex medium format camera as me.

"Clemence", portrait taken in France by a Ghislain Mirat

Marfa Freeze

A water main broke on the corner behind the courthouse. The result was a glittery townscape frozen in time in an almost black & white photograph. I stared and stared and it kept getting more exciting. The chain link fence turned into a crystal lattice and the icicles everywhere looked like perfect ice swords.