Soon Sea

Can't wait to head down to Spain where we will get musical on the Barcelona coast and then Basque on the San Sebastian coast. As a California kid, living landlocked can mess up one's balance big time.

Being Green

The pond at Unicorn Ranch. Kermit style. Helping out.

Upcoming Photo Show

I have a show opening in Marfa on Friday, April 23rd. It's at the Thunderbird Lounge!

click to enlarge announcement below:

Hand Made Eyes, Waters of Another Land, Light Creeps Slowly In

all Giclée Prints, all 20 x 20 inches

Works by Danielle Rubi

April 23rd – July 16th, 2010

Opening: Friday, April 23rd, 6-9pm

Thunderbird Lounge

601 San Antonio

Marfa, Texas

In Invisible Thread, Rubi confronts the variety of her cast of subjects head on through the imposition of technical and compositional parameters. The criteria are simple: all images in the group were shot on her favorite camera, a 1949, square format Rolleiflex and are all printed the same size; also, every image contains a strong horizontal line across the frame. Displayed, the images are justified according to their individual horizon line, rather than the top, bottom, or center of the frame. The effect of these parameters simplifies and connects a seemingly disparate group of images, in effort to show their common provenance: Rubi's eye.

Another notion that emerged from this specific undertaking is the significance of horizons in the way we process, regard, and experience the world: It is how we arrange our written language; it is how we show chronologies; it is what happens when two arms reach for each other. A horizontal line is the simplest respresentation of a stable platform, our one true defense against the downward pull of gravity: the only thing that can truly hold us up. The frames of the photographs are custom made by designer/craftsman, Adrian Dentzel, from wood salvaged from the house in California in which Rubi grew up. Both the wood and the images are fragments of Rubi's personal world. Together, they are a physical and visual connection to her.