The Côtes d'Armor in Brittany

Before heading west to California, we frolicked on one of our other favorite coastlines, the Côtes d'Armor in the Brittany region of France. From fresh mussels, clams, oysters and scallops to buckwheat crepes in their place of origin and lots of incredibly beautiful cove beaches... the Brittany coast is one of the most magical places on earth.

Les Bouchots, the mussel farms in the Fresnaye Bay
Fresh steaming mussels from the seaside flea-market stand

Quilles, a wooden vintage french bowling game found at the flea market. Love the breton striped men with berets!
Anton and I chilling by the Erquy lighthouse
two favorite plages sauvages, Plage Lourtouais and Plage Portuais & oysters from Nicolas Nonnet

Back from a hiatus while pooring all of my time into my food and travel based material over at . Out of the connections, experiences and inspiration from 3 years of working on food and travel documentary television... birthed our very own project. We've shot a film! It's called "Prestige Ingredients" and stars Alia Shawkat, Pierre Jancou and Redouanne Harjane. What a whirlwind it's been. We are in the post-production stage and have a production diary over here.

Pierre Paillot walks through a meadow in the french countryside with Alia Shawkat

Our cinematographer Ethan Mills with Pierre Jancou (chef) and our assistant director, Hélène Sevaux

Redouanne Harjane and Alia Shawkat on the Pont Neuf in Paris

Pierre Jancou and Alia Shawkat in the Palais Royal in Paris