Brazil Show

Last month was the Santos Surf Art II in Brazil. I was honored to be part of the show. This show was the inaugural show of the new art museum pictured here. They featured an excerpt from my New York show, Coast (feather & work adjacent).YAY. Poster master, Nat Russell, created the poster for the show. Jair, the curator, has more info here.

Boa Buddy

Check out the baby Boa that came to visit us today! Every day is an adventure around here. That is why I love it soooooooo

Mexican Time

Just saw the new palapa get built by master palapa builders. Such a strong, natural, and simple way to make a roof that looks amazing. SO cool.

Also been learning mega recipes from Alicia, our housekeeper. Tamales, Sopes, Chaya Agua Fresca, Jamaica, and more to come.

Feeling slow.


Creating 'home' in so many places feels wierd. I can't believe how fast 2008 went by.