Berlin Blast

We have arrived to the last week of our Luna di Miele. We came to Berlin to visit with Simone and celebrate the twin birthday! We made a beautiful dinner starting with the famous gougéres with arugula, bacon, onion, and pickle and also one with steinpilz (german forest mushrooms very similar to porcini) and chanterelles in cream with a slice of comté cheese. Little tiny sandwiches with the perfect tiny 'bun'. Simone made pumpkin and butternut risotto and greens and Marcin brought a cake from one of the fave bakers in town. Such a nice night of great conversation and laughs and dance floor antics with the new whitest boy alive album. Yay! what a nice suprise to hear tracks recording in the glass cube studio in Mexico from last year.

Dave Dupuis was here for the weekend ... a nice CA bro to add to the festivities. He has just come off his tour and ended it with a weekend in Berlin. We rented bikes with him yesterday and had a beautiful fall day. Such a rare treat for us. Real carpets of leaves everywhere. yes!

Back to SB on Friday....