First Dance

Here is a little video from the night before the wedding. We rallied some friends to come over to Ojai to a little bar to play some music to get into the mood for what was to come!

Honey Miele Hönig

Adrian and I are currently in Grindelwald, Switzerland...after days in Italy on our honeymoon. We started out by flying into Pisa, picking up a car, and driving it into the belly of a massive ferry. We floated over the mediterranean waters and landed on the island of Sardinia. A craggy and beautiful island (the oldest isle on earth) with no tourists and the most intensely turquoise and cobalt blue waters I have ever seen. We stayed on a farm and ate rustic foods with various origins and discovered little cove beaches with white sand and clean, salty, clear water. After a few days on the isle, we drive back into the ferry belly and slept in a bedroom cabin and woke in Livorno. We then drove to Tuscany and stayed at a farm belonging to an architect and artist, and walked the endless paths inbetween the ripe grape vines. Watched the harvest happen and migrated north to Piedmont to taste some early white truffles and stay at another farm. I love Piedmont. The city of Alba is refined and sincere and ALL ABOUT the quality of food and wine. Slo Food Nation's headquarters are here. There are no internet cafes.

I had the best meal of my life in Barolo at a Locanda del Borgo Antico, a Michelin starred restaurant on a vineyard. I was in heaven. Every aspect of the menu was explained in detail with a warm smile and the dining room was modern and elegant but understated and true to the style of the food.

We had a post-wedding party here in Grindelwald with some friends and the weather has been super summery and ultra technicolor. Took the gondola up to Männlichen and enjoyed a long traverse to a little restaurant for Rösti and beer. Our friends have moved onto their next destination now, and so will we. Onwards to Paris. Old turf and good friends await. I will post photos shortly. YAY