Balcony Tears

What a night. At Le Bataclan, we watched our Bergen boys, Erlend and Eirik, from the balcony with permo smiles. Warm light hit every face in the crowd and we sang, snapped, and clapped along to some of the most beautiful modern music the world has to offer. The bros dedicated a song to Adrian and I, "Homesick", and Erlend blew a kiss up to the balcony. Sweetness.

The Kings of Convenience are so heart stringy and dear to me. Simone, Adrian and I went on tour with them during both of their US tours and lived out of suitcases and tourbus sleeping pods. It's been a few years since those days, so last night's concert was a major reunion that brought me right back to my dense northern California days of musical and artful friends, spontaneity, and a deep love for all things pure and golden.

To top it off, Feisty happened to be in town, and at the end of the performance, she appeared on stage and sang two duets. The audience went wild and we, up in the balcony, held hands with joyful watery eyes. Im such a softy for radical moments that remind me of how amazing my friends and life are.

Afterwards, in true sister-of-the-band tradition, I made carrot-ginger soup for all. Although I'm far from California, I can still experience the same golden moments that keep life warm and full of sun. Stoked.