I went to check on the Rubi-Miller house this morning and were given a tip on how to get through the road blocks and drove up near scofield park and las canoas and made it to Hillcrest. The house is ok. I took out a lot of important family items and filled Len's car and I took len's car out of there and had adrian drive my car. There are some embers and smoldering land up at las canoas and all across scofield park and gibralter but Hillcrest and the immediate surrounding neighborhood are ok for now. I watered down the house as well as the yard the best I could but police were patrolling and I got everything I felt was necessary and am staying in the San Roque area for now.

We have 20 air tankers dropping water and things are looking a little better as of right now. They predict some more Santa Ana winds to come back later in the day so they are working hard to put out the blaze. Our friend, Crosby Loggins, lost his mom's place up on gibralter. He said ‘ it looks like the moon'. Nothing left but one live chicken up there.

I evacuated my house off of Alston as well and then evacuated Adrian's grandmother and some of her things as well. Was a crazy night and havent slept but what's important is that we are all ok and I was able to get important things out of the house and the house I think will be ok.

I took these pictures on mission canyon and up by scofield park / las canoas area.. as well as the sheffield res.