A Wedding in Bergen

My trip to Norway is coming to a close, but my heart is very much open. Last Friday I experienced a true Norwegian wedding, one of simplicity, sweetness, and all within a very intimate poignant party. Dear friends and parents of a porcelain skinned little boy, Frei, decided to have their ceremony take place in the small square just beneath their home on the hillside of storybook Bergen. Everyone gathered on both sides of a tiny cobbled lane leading up to the square, and then cheered them up to the steps where they performed the ceremony. Afterwords, we all walked in our own love parade to the Paris style sightseeing boat that took us to the Urdihuset (an old house specifically built for parties put on by the social elite) for the dinner and dance party. The New Wine performed along with a yacht rock style band (with members of the New Wine). The second band had three modern doo-wop girls singing backup with cute matching glittery outfits. It was so good. One of the best parties ever. 

I was their photographer and found it very hard to take a bad photo of the radiant lovers... Viva love  celebrations between good people and food friends. Tusen Takk!

Back in Bergen

Enjoying some sunny days in Bergen leading up to Eirik and Ina's wedding. I'm honored to be their photographer and portraitist for their magical day. I'm also baking cupcakes with Simone to add something scrumptious to the dessert table. What flavor? Eirik said Norway is famous for their berries so we might have to berry it up.  Their neighbor and friend will be singing some notes with the use of her loop station which brings up memories of Leslie doing the same at my own wedding. Speaking of which... being by the sea here in Norway, makes me think about our post-wedding beach day with everyone in SB. GOODNESS.