Next Show: CaliforNoyers

In the magical medieval village of Noyers-sur-Serein, there is an art center opening on September 10th with a group exhibition featuring many mediums and artists from California. Adrian and I are two of the artists.

CaliforNoyers, curated by Rod DeWeese, is the inaugural exhibition for the La Porte Peinte Centre Pour Les Arts. It will bring together 10 California-based artists working in various mediums to engage, explore, create and collaborate with the local community to bring a deeper awareness of the commonalities and cultural similarities that link these seemingly disparate places. The show will be preceded by a three-week residency at the Porte Peinte.

Many of the artists are there now working on the show to allow for an organic, site specific process. It promises to be a weekend full of friends and visitors from far away, enchanting the village with new work to view and stories to share.

If any of you care to join in the festivities, there are a few charming b&b's and guest houses around the village. The accommodations are listed here. Our friend, Pierre Paillot and his family, also run a lovely wine store (he can advise you on incredible local wines) , butcher shop ( featuring local and homemade charcuterie amoung other treasures), and a restaurant. There are some interesting spots to check out in the region like the Fabuloserie, Musée Colette, a Sound Museum, A Medieval Castle getting rebuilt using all traditional methods, Musée de Laduz, La Métairie Bruyere Graphic Arts Centre, the list goes one and on. Not to mention stellar wineries very close by.

Noyers is a 2 hours drive from Paris, or you can take the local Burgundy line that has several departures per day, and get off in Tonnerre. From there it's a 15 minute taxi ride. Here is the number for a cab in Tonnerre that you could call: 03 86 54 45 40 .  


La Porte Peinte Centre pour les Arts is pleased to announce its inaugural exhibition, CALIFORNOYERS, opening on September 10, 2011.

La Porte Peinte Centre pour les Arts, founded by Michelle Anderson Binczak and Hiro Ota, is an international arts centre based in Noyers sur Serein, a remarkable medieval village in Burgundy. Housed in a stunning, labyrinthine medieval building that has been featured in numerous films including La Grande Vadrouille, the centre will offer opportunities for creative exploration and exchange in an inspiring, peaceful environment. The village is classified as one of the 100 Most Beautiful Villages in France: its fairy-tale towers, ramparts, and half-timbered houses nestle against the banks of the Serein as it winds its tranquil way through the wheat fields and vineyards of northern Burgundy. Within this enchanting setting, La Porte Peinte will offer a gallery, atelier spaces, workshop spaces, event spaces, a tea room, and accommodations for artists, makers, and writers in residence.

The Centre’s inaugural exhibition, CALIFORNOYERS, features work by artists from both California and Noyers, much of it developed during a two week residency for the California artists at La Porte Peinte.

During the residency each artist has created work inspired by the local landscape, reflecting on the natural and cultural diversity of the region as well as on commonalities linking both places. Their work reflects the changing moods in California that are leading people to consider simpler and more sustainable lifestyles, an abiding way of life in many parts of rural France. Along with such concerns, the artists interrogate cultural perspectives on landscape and habitat, plants and animals, time and place, decay and renewal.  

The exhibition was conceived and curated by California born Noyers resident Rod DeWeese, as a way to bring his two seemingly disparate worlds together through artistic collaboration and dialogue. The exhibition will continue to evolve over the months to come, as new artists pass through La Porte Peinte contributing new ideas and concepts.

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