Danielle Rubi | Bio

Danielle Rubi received a BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and has been taking photos and living in many places since; northern and southern California, Paris, France, coastal Nayarit, Mexico, and Marfa, Texas.  

She had a horseback riding accident at age 12 and as a result, slipped into a coma for a spell . Her doctor happened to be a photographer with a home darkroom and offered Rubi photography lessons to assist her creative urges during her recovery period. It was her therapy. Her work has been prolific and varied since; it includes portrait, nature, fashion and travel photography, produced for a number of publications, gallery shows, and museum exhibitions. She is also active with drawing, painting, and printmaking, while constantly discovering new ways to incorporate varied mediums and interests into new work.

Adding more facets to her already dynamic oeuvre is Rubi's traveling lifestyle. Growing up in a Swiss/Californian household with parents in the travel business, she learned to maintain distant friendships and personal connections to many parts of the world. That is how it still is. Though now based in Paris, Rubi travels almost constantly and her work depicts the many micro worlds she is part of. Through it all runs a continuity of mood that is at once soft, intentional, furtive, mathematical, and rich. Having an acute eye for patterns in nature, fleeting gestural moments, and visual coincidences, Rubi handles her subjects like a romantic scientist.